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May 24, 2019
LeonMarek Walk-on
Here we go.
Pennsylvania Dutch. Fireman’s Brew. Kutztown. Anchor. Brigham’s Brew. teXas. GUS dry RB. Red Arrow. Waialua. Bawls. Anita. Boylans. Olde Brooklyn. Worlds Greatest Pop. Gale’s. Johnnie Ryan. Old Rhode Island Molasses. Weinhard’s. Hire’s. Bandit’s Iron Port. Crater Lake. Triple AAA. Ramblin. Americana. Dad’s. Maine Root. Snake River. Hanks. Frostop. Virgil’s. River City. Frostie’s. Stewert’s. Thomas Kemper. Death Valley. Bundaberg. Blumers. Peace Tree. Batch Craft. Iron Horse. Reading Draft. Cool Mountain. Moneybag. Hippo Size. Brownie’s. Sprecher. Dang!. Indian Wells. Route 66. And Faygo.

And that’s not including special flavors, like vanilla versions of the above, and not including similar types of beverages, like Sasparilla and Birch Beer.

Hanks, Johnnie Ryan, Reading Draft, and Crater Lake are my favorites.
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