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Jul 11, 2019
Frank Castiglione All-American
I think you're a bit overly pessimistic about the team
I think they have talent at all the right places to have a pretty good year. This team has an OLine that should be really good. The DLine is stout and there's enough talent on the D beyond the line to be very good. As for the QB, you don't need elite talent for a really good QB to excel. If he has a good line, he can make people look better than what they are. Look at the targets that Beck had. Other than the TEs, you had a pretty pedestrian receiving corps.

Do I think this team is going undefeated this year? No. Do I think they have a really good chance to be much improved from last year? Absolutely. I think that we as fans are so punch drunk from a team that has under performed that we have grown to expect under-performance. I think this year has 8-9 wins written all over it, with a small chance at 10, if the ball bounces the right way.




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(Said dwarf hits the ground with a splat) But they were wrong". (Frank Castle - Welcome Back Frank Iss.#1)
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