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Jul 11, 2019
Heinz57 All-American
Because BYU is independent, schedule is front heavy...WHY?

because other teams scheduled, unless they are also independents are playing their conference games. That has been the case sine 2011, not sure why this is a "shock" to anyone. For BYU, you want to play a P5 schedule. Playing a P5 type schedule gives BYU more opportunities at reaching a NY6 bowl game, regardless how the committee says G5 teams will play. Avg G5 team final ranking:14th, so out of the window of playing in a NY6 bowl game, have to be at least ranked in the top 12. 

The issue I have with the CFP committee is their inconsistency in holding other P5 teams that schedule a weaker OOC, citing how difficult their "conference games" are heavy loaded. Every P5 conference has low, mid and high tier and at season end cream always rises to the top. Kudos to Pac12 in scheduling BYU in OOC games. Outside of travel cost, playing BYU adds more credence to anyone schedule then say any G5 conference foe. SEC, ACC, have stepped up to play BYU, in some cases a home and home or a away and done (Ole Miss comes to mind). B10, same thing, WISC and MSU come to mind. B12 same thing...Texas, we own you....:-)

Will BYU run away from this heavy loaded schedule? Nope. So what does BYU now? I think the answer is rather simple: Recruit position depth and play at those venues. Unless BYU is in a P5 conference, this is how the schedule plays out. I've always spoken out about playing less G5 teams replacing with P5 teams and BYU can do that IF P5 teams during "conference games" schedule BYU. Will they? 2020 schedule shows some leeway, so that is a positive thing for CFB and BYU. Playing BSU and USU cost less expenses for BYU, and USU is easily to schedule as a church conference game. One schedule tweak, add more low to mid tier P5 teams. Maybe one year, remove BSU and USU and see if a Kansas or KSU, Minnesota.

2020 Schedule: 12 games broken down in the following way. For any heavy scheduled, need healthy players and depth. May this continue for BYU, without that, BYU won't be able to withstand this schedule.

  • 6 P5 teams, 4 away, 2 in LES. ASU and Minn game, I see BYU winning. Have to beat P5 at LES, no question. Utah and Stanford, right now say a loss, but who knows.
  • 4 G5 teams, 2 awy, 2 in LES. Beat G5 at LES, no question. Get a bounce away at BSU...who knows. BYU hasn't beaten BSU in Idaho, so maybe something new starts this year?
  • 2 FCS team 1 at LES. 1 away. BYU has win win BOTH games, no question. Maybe one of these teams is actually a G5 team, anyone know? 

09/05 - at Utah (always a difficult game). Top P5 tier team within Pac12

09/12 - Michigan State (game at LES, so very good) 

09/19 - at Arizona State (isn't this at a neutral site? almost like a BYU "home" game with BYU fans in AZ).

09/26 - at Minnesota (a team mentioned above, low to mid tier P5 team) 

10/02 - Utah State (General Conference game, so no surprise here and at LES)

10/10 - Missouri (BYU lost a close game, home at LES, and a mid tier SEC team-good for BYU and game is in Oct). 

10/17 - Houston (Home game for BYU, high tier G5 team) 

10/24 - at Northern Illinois (away, but BYU needs to win this game)

11/07 - at Boise State (Beat the ponies)

11/14 - San Diego State (G5 foe, beat them again this time in LES)

11/21 - North Alabama (at LES, BYU should win)

11/28 - at Stanford (mid to top P5 team)

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