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Jul 12, 2019
SlippinJimmy Walk-on
A few thoughts.......
I’m a Utah fan and I have been reading CB since it’s inception. Never posted never had an account until this morning when something compelled me to do so.

To your first point. You should really see someone about that superiority complex you have.

Secondly Utah has two very good message boards in and which are part of the Rivals and 24/7 networks respectively.

These two are excellent sources of Ute info but they are also premium pay sites which tends to keep out the riff raff. was a very good free site for Utah info before Webmonkey got sick and ultimately (RIP) passed away. It was bought up by some regulars on the board in an effort to keep it going but it’s a shell of its former self and has turned into more of a current events/political discussion board. In its hey day though it was an excellent site and had many many many BYU fans who were daily regulars. So be careful about throwing stones when it comes to which fans frequent what message boards. has tried to take the place of but it’s just to small and gets most of its info second hand from the recruiting pay sites.

Like I said been reading CB since the beginning. Just lurkin’ around and I don’t see anything wrong with wanting a different opinion. Utah still plays BYU so I feel the info is relevant. Plus I enjoy reading the non BYU/Utah stuff. Jazz, Soccer, MLB and so on.

Remember fan is short for fanatic so don’t take things so personal. A lot of stuff posted of these boards Utah or BYU are not done with the most rational thought processes. Don’t buy into the fan crosstalk/hype. It’s just a game and as long as nobody is getting hurt or breaking the board rules it’s just harmless smack talk. #8inarow #lightinupfrancis wink wink
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Jul 12, 2019
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