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Jul 15, 2019
HingleMcCringleberry All-American
Jazz fans aren’t the only ones clowning Simmons.
Disclaimer: none of these comments come from jazz fans.


“30 mil bonus to make a 3”
-“so no 30 mil bonus ever then?”
-“unattainable inventive”

“That money should be going to troops because they can actually hit shots”
-“Ben Simmons would not have survived in the more physical Vietnam era of wars”

“Shoot it coward”

“Brick man gets paid”

“No issues with that. Whether he develops a jump shot or not, he is still a massively impactful player.”
-“Until he faces a set defense in the playoffs, where he becomes useless”

“All of the hullabaloo here will be about his shooting, but his turnovers are a big issue, too. He had a 2.2:1 assist/turnover ratio last year. For a guy who doesn't bring much in the half court offensively beyond his passing, that's a major concern.”

“Benamin Simmons”

“It’s incredible how much hate he gets”
-“he’s a basketball player who can’t shoot a basketball”


“A great player but a lot of money for a guy that has made 25 less career three pointer than aron baynes wow”

“Is a jumpshot included?”

“170 mill for a guy who can only make layups”

“Massive L”
-“he can’t shoot and they’re giving him that much”

“All that money and he can’t even shoot better than my sister”

“6’10” MCW”

“First pg in history to get a max with 0 3s made. GOAT”

“Isn’t he still a rookie?””
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