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Jul 16, 2019
USMCdad All-American
I’ve only ever met one, he admitted it led to his divorce
As he would rather okay video games than have sex with his wife. She would come in completely naked and begging him to come to bed and have sex and he said he went from telling her sure in a little bit and never going to bed, to just ignoring her. He lost his job because he wasn’t sleeping at night he was gaming and he started falling asleep on the job. He also used all his time off at work to stay home and game. He stopped going to anything of his kids, anything outside of gaming.

He hit rock bottom when she divorced him, he went through addiction recovery and he had to remove all video games from his life, including no games on his phone, even just solitaire. Last I talked with him he’s remarried and no longer games, problem is he now gambles and plays poker a lot. So clear he transferred one addiction for something else that hopefully he has better control over.
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