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Jul 17, 2019
CallingDingo Walk-on
RE: I'm as Utah hating as any Utah living BYU fan can be but in defense of
I drive down Beck Street all the time so I decided to check out CougaRR4L’s story about the apartment’s next to Southern Exposure to see if “...every door and window of those nasty apartments were decked out with Utah and PAC-12 decals.”

I turned into the tiny complex and there is a very old and tattered Utah flag displayed on the front of the manager’s unit. But as I did a drive by of the units while turning around in the dead end parking lot I didn’t see a single Utah or PAC-12 sticker on any door or window. I did see an American flag poked into a window air conditioner unit. Does that mean that people who fly the flag “get drunk and stay drunk, have shocking vocabularies, look like they don’t know how to spell hygiene and likely don’t hesitate to share inappropriate, racist thoughts indiscriminately with the world?”

Sorry the story doesn’t check out.
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