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Jul 17, 2019
Malathion All-American
As a shooter and outdoor enthusiast, target shooters in open areas makes me sad.
I don’t care if you shoot on BLM land or a designated area. I care about the garbage left behind by many shooters. There is much garbage, it makes me wonder when the environmentals will target shooting ranges for shutdown based on the amount of garbage that is left behind.

I understand brass shells and even shotgun shells are hard to pickup. I’m appalled at the crap left that people shoot at, cardboard, metal, tv’s, wood, plastic, etc.

Why don’t people clean up after themselves? They whine there are no places left to shoot yet don’t respect the ones that are available. Seems like some of them are pooping where they eat.

I prefer shooting in open ranges to indoor ranges but hate having to look at the huge mess certain individuals created. I generally try to pick up a garbage bag with of garbage every time I go.

I know Foof was kidding about shooting things but if one were to take items shooting, please remember to clean up what you can and take it with you or dispose of it in a landfill.

Actually, this was just a long post to discourage DKN from starting a wildfire. He’s wildly inconsistent so I’m afraid he’ll actually start a fire. Go to an indoor range buddy! For others, if you are still reading this you get a participation ribbon. Congrats!
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