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Jul 17, 2019
ColonelMustard All-American
Novice question about the Cougar Club
So a little background. I'm still a student and not a member of the cougar club, nor do I know much about it. Now to my question.

I am planning on buying tickets to the 3 big home games this year. A member of my immediate family is a cougar club member and I asked them if tickets are cheaper as a member of the cougar club. They said they didn't know (they don't live in utah and mostly just donate to support the school) but they said I could get my tickets through them if they are indeed cheaper.

How does ticket pricing work as a cougar club member? Are tickets cheaper, and do they get more cheaper the longer you are a member? My family member has been a member for many years (though apparently forgot to renew their membership this past year but appreciated the reminder to do so).

I'm going to go read up on it now but figured I could get some good info here.
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