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Jul 18, 2019
TheLost Starter
I figured it out!! He owes me big time..
Thanks for everybody's help.. it actually made me rethink some options.

While I had tried to find the domain he used on the email (for example, i had not tried his FIRST name.

So I built a list of the most obvious mistakes in his name (came to 6 combinations) and then combined those with the possible 7 domains he could have used... and came up with 42 possibilities.

I then used my companies QA testing tools and wrote an automation script that would try each possibility on the 'reset password' page. (i may have also had to use a few of our global hosting facilities since Twitter locks you out on multiple incorrect attempts).

After setting up an email address with info he used for that twitter account... I was able to reset the password and access twitter under that account.

Now to hold him hostage and get some manual labor done around the house 🙂
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