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Sep 10, 2019
osbooks All-American
Tennessee's coach comes across as a ranting, raving hot head. It makes me more
appreciative of the demeanor of BYU's coaches. Tennessee's coach spent as much time screaming and yelling at his players as anything else during that game.

I lose all respect for a coach when they physically grab a player by the jersey or the helmet and vehemently berate them during a game as this coach did Saturday. Maybe on very rare or extreme occasions, I would say it's okay to do this with a player, but when that is the norm rather than the exception, that is not a good approach.

I guarantee it doesn't help in the long run with team morale or respect for that coach. Players build a mental wall to insulate themselves from the verbal abuse and they band together, sometimes against the coach. I had a coach in high school that had this type of philosophy, and it's just the wrong approach, IMO.
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