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Sep 11, 2019
Game day Grades against Tennessee - after rewatching the game
• Good team defense. Adjusted well after half. 3 takeaways (Counting turnover on downs)
• YAC too high. We are good at gang tackling, but wrapping up is a major problem (with a few exceptions- Dayan, Lee, etc)
• We have good depth on D-line, but we don’t have enough speed off the right edge. 4-3 was much more effective especially when we know the run is coming.
• LB played better in 4-3. Key run stops and turnover on downs.
○ Atunaise Mahe playing well. Khyiris Tonga is vicious and Zac Dawe is an animal
○ Austin Lee has a nice PBU and open field TFL
○ Sawyer Powell played solid
• 5/5 from red zone, no turnovers, won the game!!
• Zach Wilson 144 passer rating. No interceptions! Great leader. Stayed in the pocket and fought through adversity
○ Coaches have to prepare players better. Too many administrative penalties. Too many soft play calls. Once they get playing, players instincts take over & Zach Wilson made some good reads on RPO. He deserves the credit.
○ 3rd and short - gotta run more. They convert more than pass plays.
○ Fake Jets sweep not effective this year against really good edge defenses. Probably not effective against USC LBs who are quick.
• Backfield is solid: Ty’Son Williams has good vision following blocks from big O-line. Feed the beast!
○ Katoa is quick, blocks well, runs well on short routes. Unfortunately, lack of plays and poor play calls didn’t help.
○ Esupka reminds me of Braken El-Bakri plugging holes and busting D blitzes
• WR didn’t drop many passes. They actually got some separation.
○ They were bracketing Bushman, but he did well
○ MLP limited
○ Mason Wake Primary TE blocking
○ Joe Tukuafu false start

• Jake the make Goldroyd is money. 100% FG and 50+ yard average punt
• Danny Jones not placing punts well, but it gave Jake a rest so I’m okay with those delayed rugby punts averaging 30+ yards in this game.
• Hifo sure handed
• Defensive starters play on special teams. May lead to fatigue, but the D played well to the end of 2 OTs

• The officiating wasn’t as bad as PAC-12 refs, but what’s the deal with the replay officials with the questionable judgement calls overturning the better on-field calls?
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