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Sep 17, 2019
oxcoug All-American
For anyone still gunning at Ty: no OC in BYU history has had to start a QB4
who was also a freshman (or any kind of QB4 in the regular season) - ever. Except Ty. That's 2017 when he played four QBs in the regular season (the first to do that out of necessity). Between QB2, QB3 and QB4 there were a total of ZERO FBS offers.

In 2016 he had inherited one of the most ramshackle OLs in the history of BYU football, enough to offset the advantages of having JW and (still gimpy) Taysom.

The only other instance of a fourth string QB even playing *at all* is Tom Young in 1992 - a guy who had the luxury of handing the ball to one of the best trios of backs BYU ever fielded in Jamaal Willis, Kalen Hall and Hema Heimuli, and throwing to all time greats in Eric Drage and Byron Rex. And he only played in the bowl game.

Things that *only* TFD, of all BYU OCs, has had to do:
1. Start a 4th string QB twice in one year
2. Start a 4th string freshman QB twice in one year
3. Inherit a QB who was battling some personal challenges which he (courageously) shared with the world, ahead of his debut as BYU's starting QB - but at a point at which there was next to nothing he could do to alter the QB pipeline
4. Have two transfers from a lower tier FCS school start on the OL he inherited in his first year
5. Get down to his RB4 and RB5 in stretches of his second season

None of this is to say that Ty doesn't bear the lion's share of responsibility for how bad the 2017 offense was. But people who want to have a fair, informed view of how it went down should take into account that he was dealt a 2-7 offsuit. He probably could have played it better, but that's what he had, especially in 2017.



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