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Oct 9, 2019
Cougarbib All-American
Toledo - What went wrong (in a long nutshell)
Everyone seems to want to blame somebody for this loss. Plenty to go around, quite frankly.

There have been some myths in my opinion.

Toledo 1st possession. Starts at 23. Pretty normal. 25 is normal. Ended 25 yards later at the 48 after a sack forced a punt. BYU defense did its job.

BYU 1st possession. Starts at 5. Somebody should have not fielded a punt at the 5. Blame for bad starting field position goes to Special Teams. Ended 25 yards later with a punt on 4th and 1 when a false start killed the drive. Blame for not advancing further goes to the offense.

Toledo posession 2. Starts at 34 after special teams gives up a 15 yard return. Ended 11 yards later helped by a penalty when Toledo punted from 45. BYU defense did its job.

BYU 2nd possession. Started at 10. Maybe should maybe should not field punt at 10. Either way, we would not be starting so poorly had ST not given up the 15 yard return previously. Ended 56 yards later at Toledo 34 after failed 4th down attempt. Offense failure. Coaching failure. I would say pin them back or kick a long FG, but we missed 2 FGs later.

Toledo 3rd possession. Starts at 34. Cumulative effect of prior ST, O, and coaching issues is the reason. Not defense. Ends 17 yards later with an interception. Defense did its job and flipped the field position disadvantage.

BYU 3rd possession starts at the 47. Thank you BYU defense. Offense goes backward 7 yards partly due to illegal block ending in a punt. Offense failure.

Toledo 4th possession. Starts at 27. Ends 45 yards later with a FG. Toledo 3 BYU 0. Failure to capitalize on previous interception puts BYU behind when they should be tied or ahead. Defense bent but did not break.

BYU 4th possession. Started at 21. Maybe ST should not have brought this one out. Ended 57 yards later at Toledo 22 after a sack. Offensive failure. Then a missed FG. ST failure. BYU should be ahead, but still down 0-3.

Toledo 5th possession. Started at 22. Ended 4 yards later at 26 after a 3 and out. Nice job, BYU defense. Punt.

BYU 5th possession. Starts at Toledo 35 after a huge punt return. Nice job special teams. Ends with a TD after overcoming a false start. Offense redeems itself. BYU 7-3. Should be further ahead.

Toledo 6th possession. Starts at 25. Ends 26 yards later at BYU 49. Punt. BYU defense does its job.

BYU 6th possession. Starts at 20. Ends 55 yards later at Toledo 25. Missed field goal #2. Offense continues to sputter inside 25. Special Teams failure. BYU 7 Toledo 3. BYU should have 16-20 points by now, but alas, they have only 7.

Toledo 7th posession. Starts at 25. Ends 14 yards later at 39 as the clock runs out.

Half Time. I am grading BYU defense A. They have given BYU the opportunity to be ahead by at least 10 points and probably 17 points. BYU offense and special teams squandered most of those opportunities. ST hurt the offense more than they helped them and due to missed field goals and fielding punts at the 5, gets a D-. The big punt return kept them from getting an F. Offense. C minus at best. Coaching C.

2nd half.

BYU 1st possession. Forget the myth about offense having to play from behind or getting cold on the sidelines waiting for the defense to get off the field. At least for now that has not been the case. Starts at 25. Ends 3 plays later with a TD. Explosive offense. About time. BYU 14 Toledo 3. It should have been 27-3 by now.

Toledo 1st Posession. Starts at 25. Ends 66 yards later at BYU 9. Field Goal. Defense bends but does not break. BYU 14 Toledo 6.

BYU 2nd possession. Starts at 25. Ends 9 yards later with a punt. Offense 3 and out puts BYU defense in a bad position. No rest.

Toledo 2nd possession. Starts at 24. Ends 76 yards later with a TD. BYU defense playing fatigued bent and broke. Special Teams gave up a 2 point conversion. All of a sudden, it is 14-14. BYU should still be way ahead. Defense has only allowed 1 sustained TD drive.

BYU 3rd posession. Offense needs to respond....sustain a drive....rest defense...get points. Retake the lead. Starts at 25. Ends at 42. Punt. Bring tired defense right back out..........wait.......that was almost true. Toledo fumbles the punt. BYU recovers. Offense is gifted phenomenal field position.

BYU 4th possession. Starts at Toledo 23. Ends with a TD. Offense redeems itself with huge help from ST. BYU 21 Toledo 14.

Toledo 3rd Posession. Starts at 30 after BYU gives up a nice return. A personal foul on 2nd and 20 extends the drive. Defense breaks again. TD. Game tied at 21-21.

BYU 5th possession. Starts at 28. Ends 19 yards later at 47. Punt. Offense is not doing its job. Brings the defense right back out.

Toledo 4th possession. Starts at 1. Penalty keeps drive alive. Ends at 50 yard line. Punt. Tired BYU defense does not break. Gives offense yet another opportunity to take the lead.

BYU 6th possession. Starts at 34 after ST delivers a nice punt return. Ends 31 yards later at Toledo 35 with a turn over on downs. 2nd failure to pick up 4th and long. Offense and coaching failure. Brings the tired defense right back out with momentum shift to Toledo.

Toledo 5th possession. Toledo has momentum, the ball, and the clock. Starts at 35. Ends 45 yards later at BzyU 32. Fumble. Defense bends but does not break again and creates yet another turnover.

BYU 7th possession. BYU has momentum, the ball, and the clock. Pick 6 for all practical purposes on 1st down. Should have let the guy score. Save clock. Avoid ZW injury. Game essentially over.

Toledo 6th possession. Starts at BYU 2 yard line. Bam. TD. Toledo 28 BYU 21. Less than a minute left. Stunned back-up QB takes the field.

BYU 8th posession. Starts at 25. Inefficient. Wastes clock. Ends at Tol 32 43 yards later vs prevent D. Clock expires.

2nd half defense gets a C. Gave up 25 points, sort of. Subtract the pick 6ish and 2 point conversion. Gave up 17. Offense hung them out to dry.

2nd half ST gets a B+ due to nice return and not hurting team.

2nd half Offense gets a C minus at best for only getting 2 scores after getting 2 fumble recovery benefits and a nice punt return benefit and hanging the tired defense out over and over.

2nd half Coaches C minus.

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