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Oct 13, 2019
antiyewt All-American
What do you want from the BOT? Here's my list.
1. Admissions. I want BYU to ease up on admissions requirements for FB and BB players - this applies to HS applicants, JC players, and grad transfers. Especially grad transfers and JCs.

2. Restructure the honor code. Remove the dumb things, like hair/beard restrictions, coffee, tea. Make the honor code an honor system, and eliminate the enforcement aspect.

3. Get rid of the restriction that the HC must be LDS. There are plenty of high quality coaches out there with characters just as good as the LDS coaches BYU has had.

4. Accept that to stay relevant in CFB, BYU will need to spend more; for a proven coaching staff, for recruiting, and to a certain extent, for facilities.

5. Make it obvious that BYU football is a priority and is supported by the BOT.
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