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Nov 18, 2019
cougman02 Starter
I have changed my thought on Colin Kaepernick
Being black I liked what he did it got people talking. I wasn't the biggest fan of how he did it. And no i'm not gonna make this political at all I am not political at all. But his protest got people talking. But I now know that he doesn't want to really be in the NFL he wants to control the narative and play the victim. He got his oppurtinity to play and show his skills. Then he decides right before to move his workout 60 miles away because the NFL is corrupt. What a dumb move. Yes he is black but his protest was how black people aren't treated fairly and then he finally gets the chance he has been asking for and he doesn't show up well I guess he just moved it, because he wanted his own camera's and his boys to be there. Disappointing to me very disappointing. Liked what he did but now know he really doesn't care about playing again. He wants to be a martyr.
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