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Dec 2, 2019
Goatnapper'96 All-American
The problem with fans......
is far too many of them want to be right or at least reinforced. It is like many of you want to be BYU footballs' wife. Seriously, I cannot grasp how adults listen to a post game interview with a coach after a loss and come away angry because the coach is audacious enough to not reinforce the fans' perceptions of what went wrong. So many want their their egos massaged.

Kalani loses too many games he should not lose. It is a reoccurring problem but "fans" believe if he would just change out a qb, or fire the coordinators all will be made well. Kalani's teams have the prototypical signs of just not being great at the head- namely a lack of consistency in any area. The problem is not the coordinators, the problem is Kalani is just not great. The hope is he will improve but the available evidence is not inspiring in that regard.

Kalani firing assistants is proof of nothing more than stupid reactionary politics trying to find favor with dumb fans rather than just putting his head down and making it better. BYU's old coach, the one the dumb fans in this fanbase whined about much like they do Kalani, was the type to ignore dumb fans, and even occasionally told them they were dumb (which endeared him to me on many levels) and now he is the type taking UVA to the ACC Championship game. Think about that. Remember the whining about Howell?

I want Kalani to give the "fans" the middle finger.



"I love Jim McMahon with all my heart. He’s the best teammate I ever had. Ever. Did you hear that? The best teammate I ever had,” said an emotional Holmoe. “He singlehandedly put BYU football on the map. You can say whatever you want. You go back in time to when he was here. Hey, the dude was 21 years old and in the glory of craziness. What he’s done and said and represented for BYU the last 10 years, (it’s) off the chart. … I forgive him for his foibles from 1980. That was a long time ago.”

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