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Jan 7, 2020
BYUCougarsFan All-American
The government just screwed me out of $400, anything I can do?
I owned a business. It closed in May of last year.

When we closed I closed everything with the government and everything else. 4 months ago, the state of Utah called me and said I owed $8,000 of sales tax. Either they would put a lien on me and take $32 a month for years (which would hurt my credit score), or I could pay it off by this month (January).

I told them that was crazy, the business is closed. They said because it was closed, I could call it a bad debt to a closed business and lower my total to $6,198 but I had to pay it by January. I had no choice and agreed to pay it by then so it wouldn't hurt my credit score (I sold a car and took a second job nights to make it work).

I've been paying $1,666 a month out of pocket for three months, today was supposed to be my last payment of $1,200.

It was on auto pay. I noticed a week ago that though I only had $1,200 left, they were scheduled to take out $1,666. I called them and they said: "It won't, that listing is incorrect. If it does we'll refund it anyway, so don't worry."

Never trust the government.

They took out the $1,666 today. I called, they said they'd figure it out. Then 10 minutes ago, they called and said they wouldn't refund the $400 because of the original $8,000.

That wasn't our agreement, and I have all the emails to prove it (they don't dispute that, just say tough luck). Anything I can do?

$400 is no small amount to me at the moment.
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