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Jan 14, 2020
lilpenny All-American
Maybe I'm in the minority; I would appreciate more objectivity from announcers
1. In general, I prefer to "tell it like it is." I'm listening to sports radio to understand the team better, so if "every position group is awesome," that isn't insightful. I like it when the announcer says, "the secondary is going to be a real problem this year, so and so needs to step up."
2. I appreciate the accountability. If everything the coach does is "a great move," then how come the team is under performing? I like it when the local guy will push back and say, "I'm not sure running it was the right call there."
3. It is extremely frustrating as a fan to watch trash on the field/court, and then have the guy try to convince you it's not so bad. If you lose an embarrassing game, having an announcer say, "well, sure they lost, but there are lots of positives to take from the game," is annoying as heck to me. I'm not talking about a close, tough loss to a better team. I'm talking about an embarrassing loss to a inferior team like Toledo or Mass or when a team doesn't even show up like Utah against Texas.
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