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Feb 13, 2020
checoug All-American
Sleepover Surprise
When I was 11 or 12, a group of us friends slept over at a buddy's house. When we woke up the following morning, my friend's mom made us some German pancakes and chatted while doing she was cooking. This was pretty typical behavior from her as she enjoyed being around us. As we were finishing eating, she left the kitchen and went into the laundry room and returned back to the kitchen with something behind her back. She then started telling us that she had had an accident the previous day and was not able to make it to the bathroom. At this point she pulls the item behind her back, she shows us her jeans with a huge and I mean huge poo stain on it. As you can imagine, we were speechless. I will never forget this.

It wasn't until recently that I thought about how my friend must have felt, can you imagine what he was going through?
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