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Feb 14, 2020
Ned Schneebly Playmaker
I really don't understand why we say these kinds of things about our own.
The dude gave no indication that he "wanted out" of BYU. He gave everything he had to the school. What's wrong with him being wanted or applying for other jobs that he feels would elevate his status? Making statements saying that he "wanted out" makes it seem as though he was unhappy at BYU but you'd only know that if you were him or close to him.

I've got no problem with AJ looking for a job that he feels would put him in a better position to reach his future goals. Why can't people just see this for what it is and be happy for the guy? Why do we gotta throw shade at him now that he's not on our staff? The guy had parents of the kids he recruited praising the dude, even saying that we don't know how lucky we are to have him. Clearly there are some who didn't/don't appreciate the work he did. The dude loved BYU, gave no indication that he was unhappy, but yet some geniuses want to be bitter at him because he's leaving BYU for a P5 job.

Say what you want about Guy Holladay because he went to Utah, but beyond that why can't we just be happy for a coach who saw a better opportunity for himself and took it?

*News flash* BYU is not the summit of college football. Yes, even the worst P5 schools can be a better opportunity for some people than BYU. Is this really that hard to see? SMDH.
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