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Feb 19, 2020
icecougar All-American
A resolution of censure for the 2017 Houston Astros?
...that has to be the DUMBEST idea ever and the worst article ever written by Buster Olney. How utterly stupid and pointless.

What teams should do is take a knee and refuse to take the field when playing the Astros until the commissioner takes a tougher stand. There's no way you can award the World Series to a team that didn't win it (after the fact) but you can certainly rescind/revoke the titles that were illegitimately won (2017 WS for the Astros and the 2018 WS if proven for the Red Sox). The other things players and teams should do is sue MLB and the Astros for civil damages, bonuses lost, salary opportunities that were affected, teams could sue for ticket sales/TV revenue they didn't get, etc.

If they're not voting in obviously deserving HOF'ers like Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame because of their steroid use and they have banned Pete Rose for life for his gambling they can certainly punish a cheating team to the level it requires and take away rewards they didn't deserve.

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