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May 23, 2020
BYUFBDAD All-American
I was in the BYU section on the aisle that almost matched the goal line. We
were tucked in that corner and some of the seats we were assigned didn't have a full view of the near corner of the goal line where the catch was. Prior to the game, someone noticed Mitch's parents sitting in terrible seats with obstructed views. People moved around so that the Mathewses could see the full end zone. Mitch's mom was super beloved by the team and the parents, so people were happy to shift for them. Little did we know before the game, that Mitch's most memorable play of his life would happen right there in front of us, and if not for people's respect for the Mathewses, they might not have been able to see it.

Immediately across the aisle from me was a sea of red. When the catch was made they went silent. Then, instead of rushing for the exits, pretty much everybody on the Nebraska aisle stayed put and motioned for us to go down the stairs to be with our team right there at the rail. They were the classiest group of fans I've ever met. I got numerous pats on the back and congratulations from Nebraska fans as they exited shellshocked.

Man, what a game. It's extra fun that a close family member was the first on the dogpile after Kurtz, and is the background of an iconic picture of that game. I remember him telling me, "you haven't lived until YOU are booed on the field by 90,000 people".
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