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Jun 30, 2020
icecougar All-American
Tuiloma was so dominant vs the run. His only issue was staying on the field... could see an instant change in the toughness of our D as soon as he’d go down with an injury and leave the game. Immediately the opposing team would start having success running the ball up the middle.

I remember in the 2015 LVB vs Utah after we spotted them that huge lead, once Mangum settled down and stopped freaking out and turning it over on every possession, our defense made some adjustments and we started to dominate the LOS. From the 2nd thru the end of the 3rd Q Utah was held to less than 100 yds of total offense and was stuck in the mud while we slowly chipped away at the lead. The whole tone of the game changed when Tuiloma left the game near the end of the 3rd Q due to injury and Utah coincidentally finally started moving the ball on the ground and chew up the clock to preserve the win.

During that dominant stretch in the 2nd and most of the 3rd Q Tuiloma and the BYU D held Utah to 13 rushes for 7 yds. After he left the game for good late in the 3rd they closed it out running the ball 16 times for 80 yds. His leaving the game was a huge momentum changer. He was maybe the most unsung player at BYU in the Mendenhall era.
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