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Oct 29, 2020
hdx57 3rd String
There is not a good answer to your questions
I was just pointing out that all of these ‘BYU should join the BIG12’ posts that pop-up every other week on CB are ignoring a lot of history. The grass is not always greener on the other side, even when you live in the desert of independence. Arkansas, Missouri & Texas A&M left for the SEC, to avoid dealing with Texas. Nebraska left for the BIG10 & Colorado left for the PAC10 to avoid dealing with Texas. Do we see a pattern developing? Why would we expect BYUs experience to be any different?

BYU went Independent primarily to get away from Hair Thompson and his disastrous TV deal. Dealing with Texas would be 10x worse than dealing with Hair Thompson ever was. Some aspects of Independence suck, but for the majority of us that live outside of the state of Utah, at least we can see the BYU games again.

Where would I like BYU to go? The natural spot for BYU is the PAC10 based on alumni location and recruiting. But that will happen about the time Stanford drops the pine tree as a mascot and become the Indians again and Cal volunteers to host the RNC convention on its’ campus. It’s simply not going to happen.

Independence means a scheduling headache and a near insurmountable obstacle to the CFP games. Joining the BIG12 means dealing with Texas and Arkansas, Missouri, Texas A&M, Nebraska, and Colorado have already shown us where that road leads.

What do I think ultimately happens in reality? Texas ultimately goes independent with scheduling agreements with the BIG12 & PAC10 allowing them to be the belle of their own ball. Nebraska & Colorado could then return to their more natural homes in the BIG12. And BYU stays independent to the angry dismay of everyone on CB even though the BIG12 would be at 11 schools.

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