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Nov 27, 2020
SlantRoute Original Gangster
With the Yoeli, Emery, and now CFP crap, I’m ready for BYU to speak out
We turn the cheek too much. With the Yoeli situation, the entire national media had BYU’s back. The commentators on our game broadcasts were outraged. They spoke up and spoke out against the crooked NCAA’s awful decision and hypocrisy.

With the CFP ranking, the national media once again had BYU’s back almost unanimously.

Why is Tom or the rest of the Athletic Department so quiet?

Even with the UW fiasco, we know the truth. But our school never says anything to ruffle feathers yet Dabo Swinney wasn’t shy about calling out FSU for ducking their game.

Other major programs that get in trouble with the NCAA aren’t shy about ripping into the NCAA and standing their ground.

Think of all the national media folks that thought BYU’s punishment over the Emery stuff went too far?

It’s time for BYU to grow some spine and speak their mind more often. Everyone else does.
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