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Nov 29, 2020
maxpowers Truly Addicted User
We know this family that recently moved into a newer neighborhood in west AF.
They have a few kids, one is 6 that is partially deaf. He was on a football team and told his parents he didn’t want to go anymore because of the mean coaches. The parents hadn’t been to practice yet so they didn’t know what was going on. Then the next game the kid doesn’t play at all. And the coaches are super competitive; yelling at kids, keeping score (you don’t keep score for 6-yo kids).

Turns out the coach was straight up bullying the kid. Mocking him for not being fast enough or good enough. And wouldn’t play him because they needed to win and he wouldn’t help them win.

Wife texts the coach about it, and the coach sends these long texts about why he wished the kid wasn’t on the team, etc.

Btw the coaches are in the same neighborhood/ward as the family.

This coach also coaches a soccer team that the family’s nephew plays on. The mom sends screenshots of the coaches text to her SIL who was at soccer practice, and the oldest daughter (16?) of the family sees the text.

So she’s pissed and confronts the coach after practice when he’s in his car. She’s yelling at him through the window, while the coach and his wife are recording it all. Daughter starts to leave and the coach rolls down the window to yell some more. Saying things like how her brother is retarded and it’s her fault which is why her mom doesn’t love her. Daughter turns around and smacks the phone out his hand and then leaves.

Parents come home later that day to find the police at their house. The coach and his wife were trying to press assault charges on the 16-yo. The coach had sent the video they recorded in the car, but left out all the parts of them taunting the 16-yo. When the parents explained everything, the cop goes “wait, what team does your kid play for? That’s the same team my nephew played on and the coach was also bullying him.” So the girl ended up having to go to court for disturbing the peace, but not charged for anything else.

The coach and wife started circulating the video to the neighborhood, and the family has since been told that their neighbors don’t feel safe living there anymore. One even said “scared for our lives because what if your daughter freaks out again?” There’s a group of friends in the RS that will kick out any woman in their clique that befriends the family. And all of these people live on the same street as the family.

So anyway, I guess just a reminder not to be a yewt. I was getting very riled up when I heard all of this and it just pisses me off that these same ward members are probably up every month bearing testimony about loving people and following Jesus.
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