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Dec 1, 2020
2FarGone No One of Consequence
Operational Planning Principle No. 1: Hope is not a Course of Action
Anyone who plans operations — whether in business or in the military — knows this first principle: Hope is not a Course of Action.

Yet, here we are, hoping that the PAC 12 have a cancellation. Hoping that somebody, somewhere will have a Covid outbreak, or a dumb government leader will ban sports in a locale, so that we can get a game.

That is simply not going to work because every thing is set against this possible outcome. No conference wants to schedule BYU and lose big and now they have the perfect guilt-free way of getting out of it and saving face.

Even Coastal Carolina and Liberty have said, "No Way." So, now, they are playing each other. A game with Cincinnati seemed like a no-brainer and a lock then Cincinnati had the face-saving covid outbreak. I am not directly challenging them, but the timing is suspect.

Tom has done a great job, but the only knock would be that he should have locked in an 11th and 12th game BEFORE BYU looked unbeatable (back in September?), or at least, too risky to contemplate.

At this point, I think you need to act, instead of only allowing yourself to be acted upon, and lock in any game for December 5, knowing you have December 12 scheduled and a better chance of getting another on December 19.

The players want to play.
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