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Dec 1, 2020
cougaman Intervention Needed
One final post about how ridiculous the NFL was about the Broncos game. The
Broncos sent the video of their QBs eating during a meeting on Thursday. They took 48 hours to decide that the Broncos QBs were not eligible. 48 his the Broncos could have used to practice and prepare a game plan and their QB for the game. They waited until the end of practice Saturday, and gave the Broncos less than 24 hour notice.

This was 100% the NFL seeing an opportunity to use the as an example to the NFL and the world about how serious they are about covid. Even the way they sent the message, that the QBs were not wearing masks, instead of the truth that they were wearing masks and removed them to eat during a meeting, was to send a message. To do so they and 24 hours later push the Steelers/ Ravens game back another day is a complete joke.

Broncos very well could have beat the Saints, who are fighting for home field advantage. Packers and Seahawk fans should also be furious the NFL gave the Saints a free win.
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