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Jan 16, 2021
BigYfan All-American
Why is it that our fans tend to think players would be better for us
than our current players or even when that player was average at best on their current team? I am not going mention anyone in particular, but some player enters the transfer portal and we act like he is a 5 star we can't live without recruit. This next part really needs to be considered by anyone melting down right now. We have no idea how the coaches evaluated the potential transfer players, have no idea what our scholarship situation is, and have no idea if any of those players would ever even want to be on our team or would thrive in this environment once here. I will say this, BYU is probably not looking to add multiple WR to the team. That is one position where BYU has talented players waiting in the wings and possibly much better even than anything we would see on the portal. Epps, Hill, Davis, and Roberts is a very talented group to choose one guy to replace in the rotation with.

end of my rant..
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