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Feb 22, 2021
Jimmertime Truly Addicted User
Why are so many CBers always so down on Baxter. Everyone seems to say that
he has no jumper and no offensive skills but to be fair he hasn’t had anytime to develop. When is the last time you saw lohner post someone up? Oh yeah, never. Oh but he can hit threes blah blah. It’s the same situation with Baxter. He’s a young player with good size and athleticism that needs to develop more aspects of his game. Ok except yeah maybe not gonna be as good of a shooter as lohner but hey can’t Pope teach him some post moves? Maybe not bc He still hasn’t taught lohner any moves off the dribble. Point is that Baxter could be good so why the hate? Also his shot passes the eye test for me ie it’s not terrible.
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