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Apr 7, 2021
52Cougar Starter
Playing time if Haarms returns next season and the trend in college basketball
The trend in college basketball is to spread the floor, have good 3-point shooters at all 1-5 positions, and have players who can guard multiple positions. Haarms has many strengths, but he is poor from 3 and can only guard the 5 and maybe a slower 4. Haarms's and Harward's presence in the middle means BYU would have to play a certain way.

If Pope wants to use Baxter at the 5 and spread the floor more and switch almost all the time on defense, Baxter could do that because he is so athletic. He can guard 2-5 and sometimes a 1. Under this scenario, Harward would probably only play 7 minutes a game, with Haarms at 21 and Baxter at 12 at the 5. Of course, there is always the possibility that one of these three could get injured and we would need the depth.

To beat teams like UCLA and Baylor, we need to become quicker and more athletic. Drew Timme's lack of athleticism was exposed against Baylor. My friend says Timme has "Relief Society Arms" and needs to hit the weight room. Haarms also needs to get a lot stronger. Our wave of the future is to have somebody like Atiki at the 5 and then surround him with athletes like Mike Saunders Jr., Baxter, Traore, and George. That was Baylor's recipe. They had two very athletic big men from Africa and a talented supporting cast that was very flexible and could play many positions such as the 6'5" Mark Vital. I think we can get those types of athletes if we continue to cultivate our African pipeline.
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