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Apr 14, 2021
thegoodmeister All-American
Keyshawn and KeyWill&Z discussed Zach to the Jets this morning with an ex NYJ GM
The overall just of the conversation was not glowing. Mike Tannenbaum who has been GM for NYJ and Miami emphasized Zach is injury prone and mentioned his shoulder surgery and missing games in 2019. I thought the comments were quite misinformed. My corrections would have been:

RE: Shoulder surgery...
1. Injury from HS
2. Not significant enough to inhibit his performance during his Freshman year. After all, he did go 18 for 18, 317 yards, and 4 TDs.
3. It didn’t bother him during the games, but rather shoulder was sore afterward and recovery oft times took too long.
4. It wasn’t serious, but he just wanted to get it cleaned up and had his longer term development in mind Good call if you ask me

RE: ‘Wrist’ injury
1. Was a broken thumb on his throwing hand not wrist. Lack of research on their behalf.
2. Freak accident, not chronic
3. Perhaps came back too early. Weak thumb on throwing hand keeps you from gripping the ball correctly and hence was less effective after coming back for SDSU and Hawai’i

RE: Zach is small and could be battered
1. ‘TL is much stronger’
2. TL 6’5 5/8” 213 pounds on his pro day
3. ZW 6’2 1/4” 214 pounds in pro day
4. Seems ZW would be thicker than TL
5. ‘Nuff said!

Keyshawn of course talked about competition...

Note to Keyshawn: in 2019 @Tennessee and most importantly, the next week vs. USC (Keyshawn went to USC and was AA) Zach beat your weak school.

C’mon man! Give Zach the credit. His work ethic will make him a success in the league. I am sure his improvement over the past year was > than that of TL.

Go Zach!
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