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Apr 19, 2021
Michael McQuain All-American
Am I the lone AMC fan on CB?
I have spent the last two weeks pouring through every last bit of legit DD I can read and watch on AMC...and I am more convinced than ever in this stock and company. Today it started creeping back up and flirting with 10.00. I think with the upcoming share count and the new DTCC rules going into effect (the first one this week IIRC) a short squeeze is coming.

When I consider that 2nd place (size/screens wise) Cinemark - which flies under the radar of the hedgies and their shorting tomfoolery - trades in the mid 20's and has been very stable there...there is no way anyone can convince me AMC won' a MINIMUM...reach or exceed the mid 20's. And possibly very soon with the Summer blockbuster releases and the easing of COVID.

Beyond that?

The reddit apes talk about the possibility of a peak at 100...1K...and even 100K. Do I think it will moon like that? Probably not....but then again there's that nagging precedence with who knows?

Not financial advice. Just a smooth brained baby ape grabbing all the tendies he can get his paws on right now. After all...there's football season tickets to be purchased soon.
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