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May 4, 2021
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Haha. I don't think so. Utah is a lower tier P12 school. CB itself went on and on about bottom of the barrel
Despite huge limitations, Utah is one of the most consistent winning programs. Certainly since full membership from 2014. I don't know if any other P12 program that has won more games. If so, it's close and it's 1-2 major schools with decades of history, 3x the fans and the money.

Utah has no business playing at the same level. No shame in that.

Just about everybody around CFB and the P12 would say Utah has well overachieved and has impressed. The coaches have been very accurate in their assessment. And when you look at the NFL's amazing for a low profile school in the mountain west.

I don't know how any reasonable person could possibly criticize Utah coaches. In fact, that's probably why so many are recruited by other schools. Including BYU.

The only people who disagree might be the BYU base. Who will cite every loss and every failure as if Utah was expected to play like Alabama has. But Utah's humiliation of Oregon in Eugene a few years ago is just part of the balance.

But of course, the negative potions of the BYU base has been so far off on their original presumption that Utah wouldn't compete in the P12 that no one takes them seriously.
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