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Jun 10, 2021
icecougar All-American
Well we need to expect that we won't have one that can do it like ZW did last yr
...most likely this coming season but that doesn't mean we can't still have a good offense when you consider all the riches we have returning. Instead of the pass opening up the run (like it often did in 2020) we'll likely see it flip the other way around where the run opens up the pass and our offense will look more like it did vs Boise St or Utah St in 2019 with safer throws downfield.

None of our returning QB's have the experience that ZW did heading into his junior year and who ever wins the QB1 job will be a first year starter, albeit with more college experience than ZW had in 2018. Both Jaren and Baylor had PER's over 150 their freshman years so who ever starts if they can improve on those numbers at all (which I see no reason why they couldn't) we'll be, productivity-wise, somewhere between ZW the freshman (as a floor) and ZW the junior (as a very tall vaulted ceiling). That's not bad at all and good enough that we can win a lot of games.

Remember, when 2018 ZW took over as the QB1 we had a very mediocre rushing attack without a true RB1. It was kind of a by committee approach with Squally Canada, freshman Lopini Katoa and Riley Burt splitting up carries. That wasn't a tremendous amount of balance for ZW and the passing game. ZW was also throwing to kind of an underwhelming/inexperienced WR group. Who ever is the QB1 in the fall will have a RB1 who had 1304 yds from scrimmage last year (RB2 had 737 yds from scrimmage) and a very deep, exp'd and talented receiving group (maybe best overall in a generation). Those are riches that first year starter ZW didn't have.

Our QB1 in 2021 is set up to be very successful and shouldn't have to shoulder too big of a load or worry about trying to make impossible throws like ZW did last year. If they can just be as good or better than freshman/sophomore ZW (which they've already shown they can) then we're in really really good shape.
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