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Jul 19, 2021
icecougar All-American
doubtful on the motor...
...Connor's motor was very inconsistent and that was part of his problem in holding onto his spot in the rotation. Coaches never knew which Connor was going to show up, the Connor who scored 17 vs Utah or the Connor who played 24 mins vs USC and scored 0.

He scored double figures in 4 of his first 8 games and then once over the next 18 games (vs Portland). During that 18 game stretch he had 6 games where he laid a goose egg in the scoreboard. I'm not sure what happened to his confidence but coaches were giving him 20+ mins a game and not getting much in return. The 2nd half of the season Connor was routinely passing up wide open shots in the offense and seemed really hesitant on the floor. It hurts the team when you work the defense to get an open shot and then the guy is afraid to pull the trigger when he gets the ball and tries to pass it off to a teammate.

This was Connor's junior year, supposed to be the year he steps up as a leader on the floor and he regressed back to his freshman year in a lot of ways. It was sad to see but maybe a new start is just what he needed.

Meanwhile BYU replaces him with a very aggressive player, not as good of a 3pt shooter but definitely not someone who is going to hesitate with the ball in his hands. Knight's motor is always on attack.
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