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Jul 21, 2021
Heath Squashwell All-American
Big12 would still have some decent schools without OU and Texas
TCU, OSU, K-State, Texas Tech, Baylor, West Virginia, and Iowa State (hate them) have all had some very good seasons in the past 20 years. These teams play quality football. UT and OU are the best two, but they get their fair share of competition. Kansas is the Rutgers of the conference but at least they do good in basketball (and Baylor just won the NC!)

I say if SEC goes to 16 teams, Big 12 also goes to 16 (name change! Big 16!) by adding 8 additional teams, creating an east and a west division. Bring on BSU, BYU, Houston, steal back Nebraska, Army, Air Force, Cincy, and UCF.
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