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Jul 22, 2021
boorad All-American
So far the opinions I've heard on Space Jam vs Space Jam 2 are the exact same as
MJ (the myth) vs LeBron.

Everyone remembers the MJ titles but no one recalls the years he didn't win. No one remembers that his Bulls team went to a conference finals without him. Can anyone name a LeBron-led team that would have been that successful if you removed him from the team?

The problem is we remember the myth of MJ that never missed a shot and we compare him to present day LeBron whose losses and missteps are fresh in our minds. It's not fair.

So far I've heard things like "Space Jam 2 was the dumbest story ever." Oh yes because the original story where aliens are trying to take over toon land and they have to recruit MJ to help them win a basketball game was like Shakespeare compared to the sequel...

"LeBron is such a bad actor!" Go back and watch Space Jam now with your adult brain. It's not an easy watch. MJ is horrible and has the worst timing ever. I can only assume they did hundreds of takes and he wouldn't listen to the director because, well you know, he's MJ...

It's an impossible task to make a sequel 25 years later and compare it to a childhood classic but let's be real. If you had seen space jam as an adult and the sequel as an adult they are both bad movies. They are for kids.
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