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Jul 24, 2021
Xenon Truly Addicted User
Any sprinkler system experts? ALL the valves have slow leaks....
Ok, so I recently replaced the vacuum break / backflow converter for one of my main sprinkler lines. The OLD one was just a simple vacuum break, and it started leaking. So I decided to replace it. I did a couple of things differently, which I *thought* was the "right" way.... but it has been nothing but problem since then ... so I must have done some things wrong.

So, the NEW vacuum is now ALOT higher up to make sure it is above the highest point in the system. It used to be maybe level or just a bit below. It is now a good 2 feet higher than the highest point. I installed a new Zurn double check valve backflow preventer, and have had a series of problems since then...

FIRST we had HORRIBLE water hammer after that. I had a small water hammer arrestor in the system before, but it was not enough. SO I installed a new BIG water hammer arrestor, and now the water hammer has stopped.

BUT now, I have slow leaking valves. It's like the valves are not completely closing for some reason. it's just a slow trickle .... Honestly, the grass near the first sprinkler in each line is SUPER HAPPY and really really green and lush. BUT the ground is soggy.

So, any ideas on why the valves might not close all the way now? Is that the backflow / vacuum break or the water hammer arrestor or something else?
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