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Jul 27, 2021
YSMACK All-American
Just watched the Jamaica v. US Game. So many thoughts.
1. What an entertaining game. High energy. Direct, back and forth.

2. The ref was either terrible or fantastic and I'm not sure which. He clearly was letting actual fouls go and even awarding out of bounds to the wrong team in the interest of keeping the action moving. He would not call anything to slow the game down no matter what the right call was. The result was a lot of mild injustices, but a better game.

3. Busio has a lot of heart and skill, but not a lot of athleticism or speed. Loved his play. Throwing himself into tackles and lunging for balls. Never giving up. Great vision and a lot of technical passing. Not sure if he will be good enough for the A team.

4. Acosta and Letgett were great. Pushing for playing at a higher level, especially Acosta. Dude played the 6 like a boss.

5. Not a huge Zardes fan, but that dude can hit the ball and no one is better at killing time in the corner.

Fun game.
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