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Aug 1, 2021
Pobs All-American
not following, please explain. My point was from a high school kid perspective
go to tennessee in the middle of the season or to San Jose State?

I don't know a single kid in the universe that would say San Jose State over Tennesse, Virginia, Wisconsin, etc.

If we had a bunch of San Jose States' on our schedule we would play for a San Jose State conference championship but would a kid in high school value that more than playing at the above mentioned schools?

I think not.

I think many people on this board look at it from the fan perspective and not from a high school or player perspective. When we lose one game the season is not over for me and I don't go into a depression like most on this board.

I also don't think the kids on the football team do either because next up is Virginia. I think that sounds pretty cool and much better than San Jose State and the conference San Jose State comes from.
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