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Sep 6, 2021
schpenny Redshirt Freshman
The ABSOLUTE reason why the Cougars won on Saturday...
My Dad, was as big a fan as there is, was, or ever will be. We were the weirdos asking the church tech guy to open the church and turn the satellite so we could watch the games in the 80's. We never lived in Utah, and the majority of our vacations growing up were to catch a game in Provo. I really didn't even enjoy them, it was just something my pops decided we would do as a family. On my mission, my heart changed and I became true blue as I got letters with reports of a glorious year with Sarkisian and Cotton bowl win. As his finances improved, he became a season ticket holder and donor, and we really started rocking and rolling with the Cougs. We prayed and held our breath as BYU beat Utah to send off Lavell. We have gone through all the ups and downs since. We exploded with the whole stadium when Nacua intercepted Boise late, and suffered along with everyone with tough losses to the danged utes. When he took 2 years to serve a mission in Leeds England, we got to enjoy his tickets and saw the Jimmer in the flesh!

A few years ago I noticed him chuckling at something on his computer. He showed me something funny on this weird page called COUGARBOARD. He checked in here everyday for I don't know how many years. His name was vaquero. Before too long he had me and my brother checking here daily and it has been one of my simple pleasures since.

My Dad passed away Friday, the evening before BYU Football kicked off. It has been full of irony. We are in agriculture and have had several horribly dry years that made it hard to be positive. It began raining just before he went in the hospital. By the time of his passing it is the greenest, lushest year in my lifetime. The pastures are full of grass, his fruit trees that never bore fruit are loaded. Saturday evening, I knew without a doubt that the game never was in the balance. The BYU Cougars delivered for a bunch of heartbroken kids and our Dad, whose whole wardrobe is blue and white, and couldn't ask for a nicer send off for his final week. Thank you coach Sitake, BYU Football, and all the awesome players who we enjoyed together over many years.
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I know that we think about trivial things, but I hope your dad was able to watch that glorious end to the streak. (Adrielle, Sep 17, 2021 at 8:10am)

9/6/21 9:15pm

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