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Sep 14, 2021
adrock All-American
Royal blue or Navy blue? We don't have to choose just one color. UCLA uses 3
different shades of blue in their color palette as an example ( It allows them to keep uniforms fresh while allowing for lots of options for classic and old schools designs, which inspires feelings of nostalgia and appreciation for different eras and teams.

BYU should keep using both shades consistently. It makes gear more marketable and provides players and fans with more options. I know there are a lot of "only royal blue!" fanboys here. In a way they're right, the royal blue is classic, bright (crowd looks great on TV), and fun, but sometimes when I'm wearing a royal blue hat out around town, it's so bright it feels like I might as well be wearing a neon green or hunter's orange hat.

The navy blue is a nice change up. It's clean, a bit classier, and all business. Navy has a nice place and feels a bit more dressy. The crowd doesn't pop on TV like royal does, but man, the players wearing those navy jerseys with white pants (or vice versa) look amazing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that using both keeps our look fresh while still being classic and provides different options for fans while we're out and about. I do however draw the line at mixing the two blues together (like wearing a royal hat and navy shirt for example), sorry Kalani.
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