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Sep 19, 2021
FieroCoug All-American
Thoughts on the game last night.
I'd say through 3 games we are a top 15 to 20 team. We definitely have the potential to be better if we clean some things up. ASU is very talented and if they cut back on the penalties they'll win a ton of games this year.

The crowd was HUGE for us. If that's at ASU, I don't think we win that game. It didn't sound too loud on TV and didn't sound close to the utah game, but people on here saying it was as loud or louder, so that was huge for the team.

Only one turnover we forced was given with the overthrow and that was still a nice play by Moore. The other turnovers were all most definitely forced and were in key moments.

We started to wear them down in the tranches late and were able to run the ball when we needed to most. Saw some chunk runs and consistent gains on the last couple of drives.

BAYLOR ROMNEY HAS ICE IN HIS VEINS. What a pass for the TD to seal the game.

It certainly wasn't the prettiest game, and it was hard to get a flow to the game with all the penalties, but we won and we're 3-0. One thing I love about this schedule is that almost every game is going to be a battle. A lot of games this year will be close and if we can keep winning these close games, it'll be a great season. If we make mistakes this can certainly be a very average season. It's gonna be fun. Hopefully we can really get the offense rolling against USF and blow them out next week.
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