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Sep 19, 2021
Icelandic Cougar Contributor
Things I love to see in the coaches poll
1. Obviously a #16 ranking. I’m hoping we’re 15 in the AP, but 23 to 16 is a huge jump for one week.

2. Us ranked ahead of Coastal. Screw those guys.

3. Us ranked ahead of Michigan. No hate toward Michigan, but they trounced NIU 63-10, so us being ahead of them shows that we’re getting real respect.

4. Us jumping Arkansas. I think Arkansas is good, so it’s nice to see us get ahead of them (they were 20 in the AP last week)

Obviously the coaches poll is less important than the AP, which is less important than the CFP poll. I’ll be interested to see how badly gary barta screws us when the first CFP poll comes out.
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