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Sep 20, 2021
LaVellIfIKnow GOAT (Vice Jefe)
BYU Football relevancy
We went 4-9 in 2017 and 7-6 in both 2018 and 2019. We were able to finally go 11-1 last year, although it was against a lesser schedule, due to teams and conferences reacting to Covid. 2020 was our first truly stellar year as an independent. And here we sit today at 3-0, all wins vs the Pac12 South, ranked 15, and national media already projecting us in a NY6 bowl, with a real possibility to have double digit wins this year despite losing such a large amount of production from last season.

Despite how much others (*cough, SLC media and Ute fans, cough*) may have tried to push a narrative that BYU Football had seen its best days, was dead, would never be relevant again, etc, here we are. We are joining the Big12, we own the state of Utah, our program is pioneering and leading the way in NIL deals, we have navigated through Independence and actually built depth and improved our program, and have so much hype, buzz, and excitement in the program and fan base again.

That’s relevancy, and that’s BYU Football.
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