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Oct 12, 2021
wilsdad All-American
I think that's fantasy.
I appreciate your point of view, but the same data says that ASU will be in a NY6 bowl game instead of BYU as the PAC12 champion. BSU going 9-3 is still a G5 team playing a G5 schedule. I expect there will be too many Notre Dame, Michigan, ASU, Penn State, Iowa type teams who will get preferential treatment over BYU. That's setting aside Coastal Carolina who is likely to run the table and end up ranked higher than BYU. Is it possible for BYU to sneak back into the top 10? Sure....will there likely be G5 teams ranked ahead of them? gets the autoinvite and the other muddies the At-Large waters enough for Michigan to sneak in after they lose to Ohio State again.

BYU had to win out to even get a shot at NY6. They didn''s over. The rest of the games have value for recruiting and developing players, but the bowl game is pretty much a done deal.
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