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Oct 17, 2021
Kilgore Trout All-American
My review of the CRZ Yoga pants and shorts I bought:
I've never owned any actual Lululemon products so I can't say if any of this applies to the originals or only to the knockoffs.

The shorts: Liked the fabric and the fact that they come in something other than the usual blue, black and gray that men's workout shorts come in. I got some khaki ones. Liked the fabric and the color. The elastic looked kind of ruffly and feminine. I also didn't like the fake fly. I have several UA and Nike medium shorts that fit well, but size M in these ran small.

The pants: Liked the fabric, fit and color. The problem: There's a hidden side zipper pocket that is sort of nice, but that I can really do without. The spot where this connects inside the pants forms a very visible lump that I just can't live with.

The worst part: If you want to return anything you have to ship it back to China.

I won't be doing business with CRZ Yoga again.
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