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Oct 18, 2021
The Dark Knight All-American
Man, I know it may come as a surprise, but I am absolutely pumped for The Batman
Matt Reeves has said all the right things leading up to this movie. I hope it lives up to what he's been saying. I've always said that the biggest weakness of every Batman movie so far (including the almost-but-not-quite perfect Dark Knight trilogy) is that they haven't been detective stories. Batman's origins is in Detective Comics. Most Batman stories on film have all been action movies. Prior to this movie, I've said that my ideal Batman movie would be a true mystery with a brilliant, sadistic and scary Riddler as the villain.

So far so good.

From a purely action standpoint, though, this clip from the new trailer is just awesome.

The muscle car batmobile is growing on me too, and I still can't believe that that fat Penguin is Colin Farrell.
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